Hello, I'm Brooke Batchelor

I am an Australian Lerning Experience Designer, User Experience Designer, (former) Registered Nurse, qualified Teacher, Author and Children’s Advocate. I have been working in the online learning space for over 6 years now and love every minute of it. I have experience in web design, learning design and UX design. This site was created to showcase my work as an Instructional Designer while studying the Instructional Design and Technology MicroMasters through the University of Maryland and edx.org.

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About me

In 2015, I created a blog, The Paediatric Nurse to satisfy my creative needs and to share my voice on the paediatric nursing topics I am most passionate about. Little did I know, lots of people would like reading what I had to say!


Over the next three years, I felt paralysed by the success.

Just when I was about to give it all up, a follower contacted me to thank me for the work I was doing as it had changed her working life for the better. She was no longer stressed about going to work and she found that her paediatric patients were responding more calmly as she put my recommended approaches into practice.

I decided I had to do more.

So, I put my teaching background and my newfound love for web design together and changed the direction of my blog. I began providing online education to paediatric nurses so that they could meet their professional development needs without breaking the bank or taking their hard earned vacation time off to study.

Now, I work in Learning and Development at my local hospital after a successful nursing career in Nursing Education. I love creating meaningful learning opportunities that learners want to engage with.

I hope you enjoy looking over my portfolio and find some inspiration for your current projects.

Are you looking for an elearning designer to work on a project?