Open Education Resource Evaluation Checklist

A tool developed to determine the suitability of an OER

The resource below was developed to assist with the evaluation of open education resources (OER) and their suitability for inclusion in course content.

Please note that it is best to view the document on a desktop computer.

About the OER evaluation tool and above example

The OER Evaluation guide I created combined some aspects from the template by Jillian Maynard and some of the questions from the BC Campus Faculty Guide. I found that many of the questions suggested were very helpful in determining how useful the OER would be. 

I added in the course objectives section as I have been involved in some curriculum development projects where mapping each resource back to a learning outcome and documenting this is essential. I felt this would save time later should the resource be deemed suitable.

Currently, I work in the healthcare field and resources that are older than five years old are generally considered ‘old’ so I added a question in there to identify the age of the resource. 

I applied the evaluation guide to a sewing resource as I have been homeschooling my kids this week. They have decided that they would like to learn how to sew during their personal learning time so I have quickly made up a relevant learning experience for them with short ‘how-to’ videos. 

(Yes, I am that annoying mother! haha!)

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